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Captain's Table XO

Our flagship cask is a hand-picked blend of ten exquisite marks from a double-brig of the Caribbean’s finest rum producing regions. This stunning collection from Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad & Jamaica is carefully selected by our historic master blenders and extra matured in tropically warmed, charred American oak casks, reviving a long-lost luxury spirit that has been crafted on Captain Bell’s favoured private reserves.

The result is a fine, warm rum that is rich with aromas of butter toffee, brandy-snap & dark dried fruits and backed with hints of toasted oak & dessert spice. The mature palate is loaded with the lingering sweetness of raisins, dates, prunes & plum cake with flashes of dryness from charred wood, leather & tobacco.

The Profile

The Blend: Ten exquisite marks of column and pot still rums from Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica, extra matured in small 200 litre, charred white-oak Bourbon barrels
The Shade: Lined in amber and rich with hues of copper, teak and cherry
The Aroma: Brandy snap, butter toffee, dried fruits, dessert spice & toasted oak
The Texture: Smooth on the front, full in the middle with a wooden finish
The Taste: Leading with the sweetness of raisins, dates & prunes and closing with a subtle, mature-dry finish rich with toasted wood, leather & tobacco
The Serve: Drinks brilliantly neat, with a single ice cube or on the rocks and can be complimented with a citrus twist