St Abbs rum has earned the much respected recognition from IWSC as being a premium quality rum.

Awarded the following medals:

St Abbs Captain's Table - Silver Medal

St Abbs Six Spice - Silver Medal

St Abbs Cask Silver - Bronze Medal

St Abbs Six Spice - Rum & Cola Silver Medal

St Abbs Six Spice - Rum & Ginger Beer Bronze Medal

IWSC Silver Medal 2017IWSC Bronze Medal 2017

And who doesn’t love rum and chocolate, a great article from chocolatiers Coeur de Xocolat explaining how to pair your favourite Caribbean bounty of cocoa with our range of award winning reserve rums.

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St Abbs Captain’s Table XO comes from newcomers Black Mountain Spirits. They have three rums in the St Abbs range.

St Abbs recently entered the market and it is being distributed by Hammond's of Knutsford.

St Abbs was a three-masted full-rigged wooden vessel. It was launched from the ship yards of Sunderland in 1848, spending her life chartered to the Honourable East India Company. In 1855 it sank along with its cargo which included the finest Caribbean rum destined for India. Which is a link enough to pay homage with a rum but David Owens is also a Mackem (old slang actually for ship yard worker – ma(c)king the ships) hailing from sunny Sunderland. Like yours truly as it happens.

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We’ll be showcasing our award winning reserve rum range at Imbibe Live on the 3rd and 4th June.  Come and meet the crew, try some amazing rum and celebrate our London launch!


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Only six months after our maiden bottling, our reserve rums have picked up multiple awards from the coveted International Spirits Challenge.  All of our Caribbean blends have been awarded medals in their respective categories!

Fantastic tasting with the friendly folk of Leeds at Jake’s Bar & Still Room!  Thanks to Dave West and the team for hosting and Lee Jones from Smokestack for posting the event on the Leeds Bar Grafters page to generate interest!  The rums were very well received and we’ll be seeing them on a few shelves in the not too distant future.  


This was a great warm up for our upcoming appearance at the Boutique Bar Show Manchester on the 10th May!

April is shaping up to be a busy month for us and we’ve been working hard to show off our three exceptional rum blends where ever we could.  We took the trip to Camden Town, London at the beginning of the month to showcase our wares at The Cob Gallery for Faye Wei Wei’s highly acclaimed debut exhibition ‘Anemones & Lovers’.  We focussed on our perfect serves, Cask Silver & Tonic and Six Spice & Ginger Ale for an eclectic gathering with some fantastic feedback about our rum serves and our brand background.


We’re looking forward to more events this year, the next in line is a trade tasting at the infamous Jake’s Bar & Still Room, Leeds.

We're very happy and proud to announce that we'll be partnering with Hammond's of Knutsford as our importers and master wholesalers for the UK. As we join their agency brands portfolio, stay posted for upcoming trade tasting dates - We're going to be busy spreading the good word of rum with the very prestigious Hammond's during this year!

The tale of the St Abbs began for this pair of entrepreneurs when Dave uncovered the story of the shipwreck whilst living in the Seychelles where he worked for several years on a heritage project with an emerging local rum brand. He was searching for an interesting historical influence to tie in with a drinks menu for a restored plantation house that was being transformed into a restaurant, cocktail bar and working distillery in the Seychelles.

The story of the wreckage and the stranded crew drinking the ship’s marooned rum had a very strong impact. This was something that really happened and the more research that was done about the ship and its crew members, the more consumed we became with the story. I guess I was influenced by the exotic surroundings and the pirate tales that I was researching, but I knew then that the St Abbs story needed another chapter and that it was going to turn into something very special.
Matt was also living in the Seychelles and an avid cigar afficnado , and after several early meetings where the pair established a strong common ground, they decided to team up to host a rum and cigar tasting event for their shared clients..

Work commitments aside, we would get together regularly to relax over a cigar and a single malt, but Dave’s passion for rum steadily started to influence our social time and before you knew it he had me searching high and low for new rums to try with the cigar collection. It was research that we both really enjoyed, but it was a particular night when I introduced Dave to his first Cohiba Behike that we really started to understand what we needed to do.

David and Matt see the early days of their friendship as the beginning of their journey with St Abbs. The idea had been sparked into life and they were about to embark on a five year journey looking for the perfect rum to partner the St Abbs and her historic tale. They had set the foundations for their new passion project but the real work was only just about to begin.

Giving into their calling the pair started their search for their perfect core rums. Their vision was to create an extra matured rum that appealed to whisky and rum drinkers and a white rum that was full of character yet smooth enough to sip.

The XO was always at the front of my mind as I would always associated cigars & spirit pairings with aged spirits, but we understood the need to establish a very high level of quality across the range and that the white rum had to be spectacular. We had started with a simple Rum & Soda as a brilliant sipping drink for the climate and then progressed to more complex mixtures as an alternative cigar accompaniment. When it came to developing the white rum we were looking for a blend that had enough character & body to complement both drinks but that was also very smooth in texture and knew that an aged influence was the key. We think that the final result is outstanding

We set very high standards to maintain and feel the rum actually delivers above our original expectations. Having a real story to tell and a very identifiable brand with a historical realism behind it marks the sum and brand uniquely.

We’ve always been focussed on making a quality rum and our core bottlings reflect that. Captain’s Table XO and Cask Silver are the foundation of our brand and our salute to the St Abbs and her historical story, and they will influence everything that we do from here. We’ve worked very hard to define our two perfect rums and we think that they really reflect the quality that we have strived for. It’s an honour to work with the world’s finest rum producers and blenders and they have been a key cog in helping us to send St Abbs on her way for her second maiden voyage.

The work that has gone into preparing their rum for release has been colossal. As they suggest, working with a large number of producers to bottle the perfect blend of rum is a challenge and to find 15 marks of rum from 6 distilleries and across four countries to reproduce a flavour and character profile that was essentially in their heads has kept everyone very busy! Matt and David both admit that they underestimated the scale of the task that they were setting themselves but feel that the hard work that they have put in is reflected in the rums they have bottled.

They have been determined to find their perfect rum blends and to make a successful launch of their brand to spread the tale of the St Abbs far & wide and make new waves across the rum world. They’ve got several other reserve rum blends planned for the future so long may their story continue.