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Cask Silver

Our signature Cask Silver blends fresh molasses silver spirit before it is enhanced with luxurious cask rum aged for up to five years in Trinidad cellars and eventually charcoal filtered for clarity.

The result is a round yet edgy crystal rum with a crisp, clean, citrus character and a smooth barrel rested finish that sails onto the palate.

The Profile

The Blend: Traditional Caribbean fine silver rum enhanced with luxurious cask aged rum matured for up to five years in Trinidad cellars before it is charcoal filtered and bottled at 40% abv / 80 ° Proof
The Shade: Crystal clear
The Aroma: Zesty and bright with fresh citrus & coconut husk
The Texture: Clean on the front and deliciously smooth in the middle with a soft, lightly dry finish
The Taste: Leads with lemon, lime & grapefruit peel followed quickly with well integrated light woody tones and hints of cacao
The Serve: Drinks brilliantly chilled & neat, with sparkling water and a squeeze of lime, with light bodied soda such as bitter lemon or ginger ale, with your favourite fruit juice or perfectly in a classic daiquiri